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메인베너 메인베너 메인베너 메인베너

History of Missionary Work
01 The first month our church started international mission works was March, 1925, 18 years since our holiness church is built up in this country. At that time, Presbyterian churches and Methodist churches were sending missionaries to Manchu in 1909 and 1912 and our church started to send missionaries to Koreans who live in other countries with political and financial reasons.
02 The place where our church first sent missionaries was Manchu. Sa Gan Lee, Gi Lae Park, Jang Hwan Park, Chi Gook Han, and other people were moved to Yong Jung in Manchu and had a worship service with around 30 Koreans living in Yong Jung and while they were staying there, they became keenly aware of that they need church workers so they requested the church to send church workers to Manchu. After receiving the request, Korea and Asia Missionary Board decided to support them and sent a preacher Mr. Won Geun Lee who was a first preacher for Manchu in March 1925 and established the Yongjung church. After that, the Yongjung church was greatly growing so established their own church in Cheonbo mountain and had laid a groundwork for missionary work for Manchu. Their enthusiasm for mission never run out. Seung Gak Jo, Sung Taek Hwang, Moon Ik Park, In Seok Kim, Sun Hak Kim and others graduated from 'Kyungsung biblical academy' put a lot of efforts for establishment of church and revival movement and established Hwalbin church, Myungwolgu church, Mokgandang church, Joyangchun church, Domoon church, Yeoungil church in East Manchu areas and also established Bongchun church, Moosoon church, Andong church, Shimyang church, Bukneung church, Poha church in South Manchu area and they continued to build up churches until 8.15 national liberation. However, since China became communized with Korea' liberation, many church workers and preachers left Manchu and Manchu mission work, starting from 1925 to 1945 until liberation, which was very active in progressing and successful as gaining lots of fruits for last 20 years was stopped.
03 The second place that Holiness church sent missionaries to was Japan. Pastor Nak Young Yoon graduated from Tokyo Biblical Seminary in March 1927 established Tokyo church. In 1929, Pastor Hyung Myung Park was participated in the mission work and it helped to energize the mission. Pastor Nak Young Yoon built up Poonggyo church and 3 of praying places and also established Daepan church and Myungoak church in 1930. Pastor Ik Soo Choi built up Gwangdo church during the pacific war in December, 1937. These rapidly growing Japanese Korean churches faced a difficulty occurred from the Second World War and in the end, Japanese government gave an order the holiness church in Korea to be dissolved on 7th, April, 1943, so we went through great pain as the holiness church in Japan were ordered to be dissolved as well. In 1945, as Japan lost war, Daepan church, Gwangdo church and Tokyo church were reconstructed.
04 Our church's first mission work for Korean in China started as sending Hun Young Lee who was a student of Gyungsung Biblical Academy in 1933 and established Shanghai church. There were around 100 members in the church at that time but because of the oppression from Japan during Manchurian incident and the Chinese-Japanese War, Hun Young Lee returned to Korea in 1938, 1 year after, and unfortunately, the Shanghai church was dissolved. In 1941, our church was going to send Pastor Hun Young Lee to Shanghai but Japanese government did not allow to permit visa so our plan was not realized.
05 After 6.25 War, lots of Korean immigrated to Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Canada, America, Australia, and other countries until the early 60s. In addition to this trend, Holiness churches were established in Sao Paulo, Brazil in October, 1965, America in 1976, and Toronto, Canada in 1976. Responding to the establishment, in 1970, the 25th General Meeting established a Japanese Local Committee and established American Local Committee at the 28th General Meeting in 1973, consequently, foothold for international missionary work of our church was prepared.
06 Our church organized "International Mission Committee" for celebrating our 70th anniversary of church foundation in 1977. International Mission Committee was organized on 17th April in 1978 followed by decision from the 32th general meeting in May 1977 so they became ready for international mission work. The statement of policy from International Mission Committee describes the goal that International Mission Committee pursuing as follows: "Korea Evangelical Holiness Church had the 70th anniversary of foundation since they were established in 1977. We look back to our track we made for last 70 years and would like to thank God for his infinite grace. We are sure that God called us for this mission with upholding the spirit and tradition of early founders and following previous paths to insure substantiality and preach gospel abroad as believing that we are going to be a leading church in missionary work. To answer his calling, Korea Evangelical Holiness Church, having the 70th anniversary of church foundation, in the 32th general meeting enacts the policy according to our decision to send missionaries abroad as we are aware of the mission to preach gospel all around world including East Asia based on missionary vision of our church."
07 Since International Mission Committee was established, Hee Sung Park and Myung Soon Kim were sent to Thailand in 1981 and many other missionaries were sent abroad for last 21 years and Missionary training institution were open in 1988. Furthermore, the first World Mission Congress was held in August 1991 and mission agreement with America Holiness Church, OMS, and Japanese Christian church was concluded. Starting with organizing general meeting associations in missionary regions such as Philippine, Nepal, and Russia in 1995, general meeting associations were organized in Cameroon, Kenya in 1996 and Mexico in 1997. On 16th, March 2000, missionary training institution was moved to Gonjiam Gwangju in Gyunggi-do. As preparing for 21 century, the International Mission Committee, which sent 355 missionaries to 42 countries in the world and established 919 churches through 23 years of mission history, is aiming for world evangelization through movement of adapting race which never heard about Jesus, supporting direct mission by nurturing members of church, establishing mission field in Muslim countries or socialist countries through NGO(Non-Governmental Organization), and constructing integrated network and information sharing by using internet.
Current Situation
Since International Mission Committee is found in 1978, 422 missionaries preached the holiness gospel with power in 43 countries and because of their works, 873 churches (total 2,924 churches including 137 Chinese Trinity churches/1,914 home churches) were established and 142,094 people(including 89,788 people in China) are believing and worshiping God by the holiness of gospel.
Now it is time to unite the passion and dedication for missionary work depending on church denomination. We need to walk forward to economical and efficient mission work, which does not occur wasting time and energy with long term policy, by ensuring substantiality in mission work and discouraging competitive mission work. We need to do our utmost to make a condition for concentrating on preaching gospel with aiming for regularization of sending missionaries, Improving missionary care program, improving welfare and forming alternative for stable welfare system, Enhancing audit for mission field, enhancing diversity of mission through native leaders, mobilization of mission work of global churches through American mission center, and strengthening cooperation of mission work through global mission. Moreover, we are going to produce best missionaries having both of spiritual power and ability through discovering high quality mission resources and effective training. International Mission Committee promises that we are going to do our utmost to support missionaries from our church so that they can preach gospel without any obstacles and pray for them.